About Billy

I got the first spanking I remember when I was 5. My dad had given me a tool kit with a wrench, screwdriver, pliers and a HAMMER. I had some wood scraps, nails and screws but for some reason decided to take the hammer and beat the cement railing into submission and then my dad did something similar to me. The spanking was nothing compared to having my tools taken away. Since i got them back I have been on a mission to hit shit with a hammer.

My work is raw and natural that wasn’t planned out, it was a function of creating pieces without all the proper tools and training. As my skill and experience grew I realized I had stumbled into a style that was authentically me. Raw unpolished and not for everyone. I have struggled with this from time to time, maybe it was ego or greed wanting to find a wider audience but when I veered from “my” style it never felt right. It made me think of a simplification about men my dad shared with me (way to young). He said “there are two types of men, those you’d have a beer with and those you’d rather run over on your way to have a beer”. I decided to only create pieces that my friends and I would wear and and not give a shit about people that didn’t like it.

I have been so lucky to have a group of amazing friends to inspire, push and straight help me on this journey. The brand tweaking from Cause and Effect to Billy, made for friends is natural and long over due.

I hope you check out my pieces and buy something that speaks to you and if not I’ll be okay because I have great friends!